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1.Do you have certification ?

 Our products have FDA and EN certification and the factory has ISO certification。

2.Are you a manufacturer ?

 We are a professional manufacturer of baby nursing products

3.Is your sample free?

 We can provide you with free sample.

4.What’s your terms of payment?

 T/T, L/C,parpal

5. How to ensure your products consist with what I want when I make an order with you ?
(1)What we want to do is relieve the customers worry when the client places order.
After receiving the order, we will manage to arrange the production as the customer request including all the product massage like the color, logo, mark, quantity, packing specifications, packing size and delivery date. All the order must sign the director name and the clerk will be arranged to follow the production. All the finished order will take the photos to the customer for informing the client to arrange the production schedule.
(2)Before manufacturing, we must do the proof for the new client to confirm. After the client confirms the proof we will prepare the production.
(3)During the productive procession, we will take photo and send it to customer for tracking the production process.
(4)While assembling the production, we will record the process to customer.
(5)To send our QC goods inspection report to our client.
(6)When the products are carried into warehouse, we will take photos for reminding the client can delivery.
(7)When the products are arranged in the container, we will send the picture to customer for informing the goods have been delivered.
(8)We will follow the sales condition, collect and record the feedback, improve our product and service after the client receiving the goods.
(9)Recommend other products to client constantly and put forward the sales suggestions to client.
6.What kinds of printing technology do you have? Does the ink retreat from the product?
(1)We own the silk screening printing, heat-transfer printing and IML technology.
(2)Our company now has grasped the printing technology above mentioned. We use the environmental-friendly ink without toxic and heavy mental. The ink is of high adhesion, hard to retreat from the product. The silk screening printing can print on large scale with different kind of vivid color and guarantee the precise color process. The heat-transfer printing can print on large scale with various kinds of gradient color. The IML which is safe and beautiful can be printed at side.
7.Do your design and develop the product? Do you launch new product every year?
We are powerful factory which equipped with the dust-free and automatic workshop. All our product designers are professional and experienced. Every product and mold in our company is designed and developed by ourselves. We are sure new product will be launched every month.
8. What kind of baby bottle is suitable for the new born baby?
The new born baby is suitable for the 60ml/120ml/150ml baby feeding bottle because the volume is perfect.
9.What kind of baby bottle is suitable for the baby who is over six months?
The baby who is over six months that we suggests them to use the 260ml or more than 260ml baby feeding bottle. The baby can drink over 200ml milk. The baby feeding bottle must be with handle that can train the baby grasp ability. In order to keep the baby safe, it is better to equip the drop-resistance feeding bottle. The nipple must be anti-bite spilt because the baby over six months will start to have teeth and most of them like to bite the nipple. It is too dangerous for the baby to swallow the pieces of nipple if the nipple is without the anti-bite spilt function.